Thank you for providing the user account to me. With reference to your instructions from your previous mail I have downloaded and installed the Centos 5.1 in my system to check the dimdim. I have installed the dimdim software and to my surprise I came across the same error message. The following occurred when I tried to install and run on my system (in Centos 5.1)

Pre install checks for CentOS 4.5

                Checking OS Version...
                         Dimdim does not support this version. Check Dimdim documentation

            I try to install dimdim open source in Red Hat Enterprise edition 3, fedora core 1, 4 and 6 and Centos 5.1 also. I am getting the same error while installing.  Please help me out in installation. Is this particular dimdim open source software work only in Centos 4.5 or above also?

            I hope I will get information about installation assistance from you very soon for my query.