Secure dimdim installation

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I just installed dimdim 4.5 using vmware appliance. I plan to use dimdim for now only with 2 moodle sites (using the moodle dimdim module). I would like to know whether there are any ways and how I can secure my dimdim installation so that other people won't just use it as they will by going to my installation url. I have a limited bandwidth per month and would not want to get outrageous bills. any ideas??

    Thank you

    • paul

      paul - 2009-08-27

      Any kind of user control and security is sadly lacking in DimDim.

      Has anyone found a way to secure it?

    • Yeshua Watson

      Yeshua Watson - 2009-09-04

      Securing the open source DimDim in a manner that the company uses their hosted web meetings or any other way is relatively easy if you understand a little HTML and any scripting language. (I prefer PHP.) DimDim comes with a built in API (sort of) that allows you to initiate (and shutdown) web meetings using a common language. Simply disable the "instant on" meeting page (modify the html files) and use a custom gateway instead. From here, you can create your own login and security methods.

      This may be a little complicated if you're not a programmer or web developer (keyword "developer" not to be confused with web designer). If you're pretty good at PHP, ASP, JAVA, Ruby, Python, Perl or any of these languages, then it's a matter of time to work on your security.

      If you have no Earthly idea what any of that said above, then you either should hire someone to do it for you, or use the setups at the DimDim website (which are pretty cheap).


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