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NAT Firewall installation problem on a server

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried very hard to find a usefull resource over internet for installation guid of the DIMDIM software over internet behind a NAT firewall with invalid local IP address but I couldn't.

    Our scenario:

    We have a server available on the internet behind a NAT firewall.
    The server is accessible from a valid IP address over the internet but the firewall NAT the external valid IP to invalid internal IP address.

    When we type the IP in the web browser we see the webserver (CherryPY) but when we reuqest /dimdim/ we see bad request error message.
    As we know that the webserver forwards the request to port 40000 on tomcat I think there is a problem here between these two but I couldn't find what it is.

    I have tried to connect to both port 80 and 40000 from the internet and it is fine but when I try to reuqest /dimdim/ from webserver I see an error message that "No host matches server name Server5".

    You attention and help will be very very appriciated.

    Many thanks.


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