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Windows installation configured for LAN

  • Clarence

    Clarence - 2006-10-19

    I am trying to install the Windows version and set it up to run on my LAN.  When go to Start/All Programs/Dimdim/Meet Now  the program tries to open but stops with a 404 error when it tries to open this page:

    I have search the dimdim folder of CheckActiveXControl and it is not there.

    What am I doing wrong?


    • Clarence

      Clarence - 2006-10-20

      Here is some additional info concerning this problem.

      I have Dimdim installed on an XP with 3.2 gig Pentium 4, and 1.5 gig ram.  I am running IE-7. I read somewhere that Dimdim doesn't support IE-7 yet but I don't know how old that post was so maybe it works now.  However, it could be the source of my problem.  Dimdim worked fine on IE-7 when configured to run as http://localhost.

      Now that I have configured it to run as a server on a LAN ( it seems to be looking for files on a web server instead of on my C: drive.  I am not well versed on running a small office LAN so I may be trying to do something that Dimdim can't do.

      Thanks for the help,
      Clarence Prudhoe

    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-10-20


      Thanks for using dimdim. It looks like the publicly visible IP that you are using is a    nat-ed IP address.

      Could you please let me know the following?

      1) IP address of the machine from which you are trying to access the dimdim conference server?

      2) The server.xml and files from the server installation

      Once I have this information; I would be able to help you solve the problem.



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