Installing DimDim 4.5 on Centos 5.2 x68_64

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't know what to think ... i was a devote of dimdim in early stages, but now ... umm, umm!!! .

    First. Centos on servers and not 64 bits?
    Second: Documentation now goes forward potencial clients, not experienced administrators (It lacks now a simple hot to do it from scratch)
    Third: the httpd server is changing for every wanted reasons and fixed to port 80 (and the flexibility???)
    it first used apache ... then lighttpd , now nginx ... please ... make a best choice or all choices decision ...

    My personal case, Administering a server for a University (UAA) with Centos 5.2 x86_64, devote since dimdim 1.x, with Moodle and other CMS fixed with apache, and every one tunned to work fine!.

    I passed for dimdim 2.x , 3.x (and some troubles due to 32 bits issue) and now 4.5.

    OK, now i have a environment for 64 bits taken from the 32 bits RPM without all the installing work, so i really do a lot on making dirs and changin +x permissions.

    I'm using the port 80 to all mentioned, so i nedd to change the port for the nginx httpd server.

    I reconfigured nginx and all to use the port 8000, but Catalina only worked to me on 8080 and all the links to are lost, the only port is working is

    I can't see the status and to know wich parts are running and wich ones not, but im sure that Streaming (Media) Server is not. Definitively an external tools is needded to know the status by direct command.

    The work i done pass by prepare a new curl x86_64 rpm and upgrated to the newest mentioned, installed python 2.5.4 and Open Office 3 x86_64.

    All the instalation documentation had been followed, but at the end all I have is: (see yourself)
    and not very stable, i need to say.

    I'm stuck, i see the logs but all looks fine, so, my personal ask is to have better documentation and support on the FOSS community to be a truly trusted Open Source Community and not the MacOSX darwin all is a cheat and now is closed to open source community.

    The good thing is the user interface is getting better, perhaps the only one reason to try it again.

    • Cesar Duque

      Cesar Duque - 2009-07-17

      I totally agree with u, when trying to install dimdim 4.5  in the same  CENTos (x86-64) i am able to run dim dim after many problems.... PyCurl is  a nightmare... not working at all,  so i think many of my problems come from that....

      i think dimdim is a lovely piece of software but the "owners" should give a little more ideas... about config and a real support for 64 bis OS

      • Yeshua Watson

        Yeshua Watson - 2009-07-17

        DimDim does work on 64bit systems but you have to compile all parts from their source files. The process takes forever but you can customize your settings with little hassle.


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