Webcam connection problem

  • wonsup

    wonsup - 2007-08-23

    Dimdim 1.6(not the latest, the second latest, I think the latest tar version has some problem) is installed on Linux 7.  Everything works fine except the webcam connection.  It doesn't get connected.

    I've looked through the postings in the forum about the similar problems.  There are some comments on the port 1935 and I opened the port but it didn't make any difference.

    What else should I check out?

    • dimdim_uday

      dimdim_uday - 2007-09-03

      Thank you for your interest in Dimdim.
      When you say "everything works fine" - do you mean the audio and the desktop sharing are also working fine?
      Please let me know - since that would indicate a problem with the detection of the webcam by Flash.
      If audio is not working, it may be a problem with the network settings.

      Another way to check it is to right-click on the Video-Broadcaster Flash Movie and bring up the Flash Settings. Check the webcam settings and ensure your webcam is seen in the list of video capture devices


      • Alan Taylor

        Alan Taylor - 2008-02-20

        I have had problems with two webcams and dimdim (Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebook & QuickCam UltraVision)tested on two computers. First off the audio keeps defaulting back to LineIn even though I select Logitech mic and save.  Also I've right clicked on FlashPlayer and allow to use webcam w/Mic and tell it to remember (the web mic picks up sound here). Neither the video or audio work. I'm able to use in various other programs without a problem.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Yes, I am having similar problems...I am using a Macbook Pro with Firefox...and I am on a Hi-Speed Lan connection and it keeps telling me that my connection is not fast enought?

          My system works fine with Elluminate and Connect

    • wonsup

      wonsup - 2007-09-04


      It's been very hard to catch you guys up with these days.  So glad you are back on line.

      Yes, "everything works fine" means the audio and the desktop sharing are all working fine except the video.

      I just tested both "" and "" again.  Still the video connection doesn't work.  When I allow the "flash access", I just get a blue screen for the video connection.  Actually it used to work fine with no problem at all.  It didn't work only on my local server.  But now nothing works at all.

      By any chance, does Dimdim program have any problem with Skype?  I am also using Skype and the same webcams work fine with Skype, very stable.

      I'd really like to resolve this problem.  I wanna know what this is all about.

      Will be waiting for your advice!

      Thank you.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Yeah we are little busy with our development. If you are using port 80 for Dimdim Conference server to listen to along with skype, there might be a chance that, your conference server might not start. This is because skype use port 80. This can be verified using the command netstat -an.

      Regarding video, while starting the meeting, you need to change the setting from audio only to audio-video to get both audio and video. Could you please let us know if this solves your problem.

      Feel free to mail me at if you are facing with any issues



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