Apache / Dimdim server

  • Cyril Cauchois

    Cyril Cauchois - 2006-10-18


      Seems Dimdim server is based on Tomcat. Is it possible to put an Apache server on the front of the dimdim server, like it's usualy done with Apache/Tomcat with the ajp13 connector ? Have you ever tried to do that ?

    Best Regards.

    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-10-20


      1) It is certainly possible to put the Apache server and the AJP13 connector in from of dimdim server. We have tried it in house a while ago and it did work at that time. Please understand though that it was a while ago and it is not one of the current supoorted configurations but we will be happy to help you in case you want to try.

      2) In case you are thinking about apache being more of a "production quality web server issue" - we have used all the possible tomcat configuration option such as supporting zipped streams, and using the native listener component instead of cayotee to address that issue.

      I hope this helps.



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