Can not run dimdim server in DMZ

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried the suggestoins under the thread

    Win32 3.0beta server - unable to connect with changing the parameters around but i still cant connect to dimdim externally.

    I am running dimdim in windows  VM, i can connect to it internally but can't externally.  I made the dimdim vm a server in the dmz with unrestricted access.  Any more tips? thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i edit these 2 in windows mainly just testing to get to the server from the outside

      change these lines to your server name or static ip and port if needed:
      i) dimdim.serverAddress=<yourserverexternalip>
      ii) dimdim.serverPortNumber=80
      iii) dimdim.dmsServerAddress=<yourserverexternalip>:80
      7) vi /usr/local/dimdim/MediaServer/mods/lighttpd.conf
      a) modify the port to equal step 2.a.ii (80)
      i) ## bind to port (default: 80)
      ii) server.port = 80
      iii) ## bind to localhost (default: all interfaces)
      iv) server.bind = "<yourserverinternalip>"
      8) Use the scripts to start/restart dimdim

      stil dont work

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      You need to change the following ip address to external ip address in
               dimdim.serverAddress and dimdim.dmsServerAddress.

      After doing the change to these 2 addresses, please restart the Dimdim Conference Server and start meeting using http://<external ip address>/dimdim/.

      Please do let me know if this solves your problem?



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