DimDim on shared hosted enviroment

  • Lintu

    Lintu - 2009-07-26


    Can DimDim be installed on a shared Linux hosted enviroment ( it has a Server IP Address & Dedicated IP Address)?

    If it is possible, could someone please share the steps or script if you have it? I am not too technical and need some help to install and check this out.

    Thanks in adavance for your help.


    • paul

      paul - 2009-09-01

      How much in the way of admin rights do you have to the linux server in the hosted environment?
      Do you have root access?
      Can you install modules?
      Which version of Linux is it running?

    • Yeshua Watson

      Yeshua Watson - 2009-09-04

      If you're referring to using it on host that sell web servers, the short answer is no.

      The long answer is that you'll have to speak with your host about installing the Tomcat modules AND a RedFive Server (easier said than done for this requirement). The easiest option would to either buy a VPS (virtual private server) or use an Amazon EC2 server (this is what the DimDim company uses but can get expensive). You could also .use the VMWare machine, but the resources needed would require a dedicated server; and if you had one of those, then you wouldn't be asking this question.


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