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  • deepjavero

    deepjavero - 2008-02-22


    I installed dimdimm server in  my machine with windows 2000, when I launch the dimdim.bat, the server ups but when I launch my browser htt://myip/dimdim/, the response is a page  with leyend the page not response.

    I review the process and dimdim server is up

    Could you help me for resolve this problem  please?

    Best regards

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Could you please try telnet to the following from the presenter's machine: 
         Open a command prompt and do 
               telnet <Dimdim ip address> 80 
               telnet <Dimdim ip address> 1935 
               telnet <Dimdim ip address> 40001 
         If you get a connection timed out, Dimdim server is not running. If you get Connection refused, the firewall blocked access to that ports. 


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Rajesh -

      I wish you would stop posting that useless information. Port forwarding is not going to help.

      The Ligthhpd and tomcat servers are looking for connections going to the localhost (or IP) of the DIMDIM server, so if you connect using an IP address/Host name that is not known by the servers install, it will refuse the connection.

      Only way to fix it is to CHANGE the values in the Properties/Conf files, and hope thats all you need to do.

      Seems that I can get it to host remote sessions in a Linux/Unix install, But so far No Luck with the Windows Installer. and No, Port fowarding alone is not going to help here.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


           If you are using the Dimdim 3.0 Windows or CentOS 4.5 installer, Dimdim installer script picks the ip from the machine and assigns to the Dimdim components property files where ever required. So, we assume that, no changes are made in the property files / configuration files after Dimdim installation.

           In the above post, i never mentioned you need to do port forwarding. I was basically trying to see if the server is reachable or not, as there was no sufficient information. Just saying does not work may not solve the problem. We require more information to try to help you. Could you please email me the wrapper.log to rajesh at



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