Amazon EC2 Image Available for Dimdim

  • Yeshua Watson

    Yeshua Watson - 2009-04-18

    For those of you who would like to use the open source version of Dimdim without having to struggle to install it, I've created a public AMI (Amazon Image File) for use with Amazon EC2 service.

    You can find the AMI by searching for Dimdim in the AWS Console or by launching it directly with ami number: ami-e349ae8a

    Note that it is recommended that you read the Readme file located at before starting the server.

    For questions, concerns, and to report bugs, just reply to this post.


    Coming Soon In Next Update:
    -Asterisk integration (this will be slow at first)
    -Configuration Script
    -Administration Panel
    -FLV to MPG conversion (using ffmpeg )
    -VideoLan Broadcasting (waiting on VLC RTMP streaming for this one)
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    • Jay

      Jay - 2009-05-11

      Hi, Yeshua.  Thank you for uploading the AMI to Amazon's EC2 service, which I recommend people try, especially those less familiar with Linux.  And good idea separating the config file.  On my server, I configured Dimdim 4.5 on CentOS 5.2 (32-bit version), which is what Dimdim recommends.  I'll try using CentOS 5.3 (32-bit version) and Dimdim 4.5 later this week and will upload an AMI to EC2, if successful.  Have you tried using CentOS 5.3?

      I think most people would like to record web conference sessions (a core function in Dimdim Pro/Enterprise, missing in the open source version), using the open source version of Dimdim, so that would be the highest priority.  VLC looks like the way to go, when available.

      Keep on the good work!  I'll make an effort to contribute, too.


      • Yeshua Watson

        Yeshua Watson - 2009-05-11

        There probably isn't that much difference between 5.2 to 5.3 so it should work just fine.

        As far as VLC, that may not work so well. VLC's Redfive stream access is still in beta (I think it's only available via svn/cvs). Of course I didn't know that the Open Source version didn't include the recording function (I don't use it).  It might be easier to modify the monitoring server to record to flash video (which is what the hosted version does.)

        Furthermore, a more important open source contribution would be to bridge the redfive streams with SIP servers. There is already an open source flash SIP client that works with redfive created by a collaboration project. Integrating this into Dimdim would be a greater benefit as it would allow a fully functioning conferencing suite. Not even the hosted versions have this ability (yet).


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