hostdes - 2008-11-30

I see there is a linux native image file.  I am looking for dimdim that will not overwrite our hard drive just simply install.

In your Dimdim_Linux_Native_Install_v3.5_Readme.txt, it says for ports available

start ***
8. Port availability

Port 80, 1935, 4000, 8100, 8088 and 9090 must be free in the machine on which you intend to install Dimdim Web Meeting Server.

The Dimdim Servers use ports 80,1935 & 8088 for external communication. In addition ports 4000, 8100 and 9090 must be free
for internal communication.
end ***

Some of these ports are not free on our server. Can we change dimdim ports before or after installation?