WebPage Sharing not working in VM 4.5

  • Jason Neiberger

    Jason Neiberger - 2009-03-17

    I have installed and have running the VM DimDim 4.5 appliance and everything seems to work just fine except for the WebPage Sharing option, it just keep saying "Synchrolive could not add the url for sharing. This is a temporary problem. Can you please retry again."

    Is something not enabled or configured? Is anyone else having this issue? And has it been fixed?

    Thank you for any comments,


    • shaneel :)

      shaneel :) - 2009-03-27


      Try to post here the result which you get after executing the below command:

      ps -aef | grep lighttpd

      you must get something like
      root     24376     1  0  2008 ?        00:00:24 /usr/local/dimdim/lighttpd/sbin/lighttpd -f /usr/local/dimdim/CobrowsingManager/cob/lighttpd.conf

      If you dont get this you need to start Cobrowsing component
      Also try doing telnet to port 8080 on the box where Dimdim server is installed.
      If its opened then verify that in the file /usr/local/dimdim/CobrowsingManager/cob/lighttpd.conf
      the value to port is 8080 like
      server.port                = 8080



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