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  • Joe Leonard

    Joe Leonard - 2009-04-10

    Anyone on the list have experience with dimdim (Open Source Version)? I'm looking for someone who can provide help with installation, configuration, custom template and maybe some customization of dimdim. Also, I'm looking to be able to integrate dimdim with a CMS (Drupal) - Thanks!


    • shaneel :)

      shaneel :) - 2009-04-16


      May be i can help you in some of these things.


    • Paul Smith

      Paul Smith - 2009-04-20

      I'm interested in integration with Drupal too. 

      I have started looking at using Drupal to create a portal to schedule meetings and track usage.... haven't got far yet, but I'd like to share notes with anyone doing something similar...

      Story so far:
      1) I have used cck and themes to create a webmeeting content type.  The content type manages all of the web meeting configuration and schedule.  It also creates links to the opensource dimdim v4.5 installation, and emails invitees;

      2) Next up is to force invitees to enter via my portal so I can log connections
      3) Also need to get drupal to communicate with drupal to get details on the actual duration  of the meeting (eg test every minute using the api to check if the meeting confkey exists, and log the time when it no longer exists.
      4) The drupal portal ought to expose a block showing upcoming or current web meetings which I have been invited to...

      The idea is I will have a role in drupal for users who can create meetings.  Other invitees may be authenticated users or guests.

      ... any other ideas out there?

    • Joe Leonard

      Joe Leonard - 2009-04-20

      psmith7, thanks for your reply and comments... I like the work your doing towards drupal/dimdim integration. I'm rather new to drupal and not much of a programmer. But, I think some good things can be done.  Question: How involved and how long have you been working with Drupal? Fee free to send me a PM at joeleo724-at-gmail.com....


      • Joe Leonard

        Joe Leonard - 2009-04-20

        BTW, what is your thought about this Drupal meeting module discussion:

        I'm sure there might be other good suitable Drupal meeting modules out there.
        Let me know your thougts.



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