Problem to upload PPT

  • Fred Argolo

    Fred Argolo - 2008-06-16

    When I try to upload a PPT I get the follow message:

    "The document conversion failed with error: document id generation failed"

    I suspect the problem is because the Dimdim Media Server is not running. Am I correct?

    And I think is because the zdaemon. Because I try to execute:

    zdaemon -p \"python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/\" start

    And this process doesn't exists.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      To check Dimdim Media server status, you need to check if port 4000 is listening to.

      This can be done by netstat -an | grep 4000.

      If its not running, you need to start the Dimdim Media server component seperately


      zdaemon -p "python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/" start

                          and not

      zdaemon -p \"python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/\" start

      Please note that from perl script, you need a \ in front of " not for running the command directly from a terminal.


    • Fred Argolo

      Fred Argolo - 2008-06-17

      Oh sorry....I executed the right command.

      But after that, I checked the process:

      # ps -ef | grep zdaemon
      root 11078 1 0 19:28 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/zdaemon -S schema.xml -b 10 -s zdsock -m 022 -x 0,2 python

      After 2 seconds, I checked again and the process disappear!!!!

      I couldn't find nothing inside the logs.

      Do you have some idea?


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Run Dimdim media server as `python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/` and paste me the complete output of what you are getting on the Dimdim media server while you upload a ppt. 


    • Paul Moberg

      Paul Moberg - 2008-07-02

      I am having the same issue.  Here is the output from my system when I run 'python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/':

      python /usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/usr/local/dimdim/Mediaserver/mods/", line 288, in ?
      TypeError: start() got an unexpected keyword argument 'blocking'


    • Paul Moberg

      Paul Moberg - 2008-07-02

      I lose for not being able to read.  I installed CherryPy 3.1.0, went back and installed 3.0.1 and now my uploads work fine.

    • Michael Hylkema

      Michael Hylkema - 2009-01-29

      Does anyone know if there is a file size limit still on 4.5?  I can't seem to upload powerpoints larger than 20Mb.  Is there some way to increase this limit?

    • soulsurfer

      soulsurfer - 2009-01-29

      we are unable to upload ppt's and pdf's to the open source.


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