Browser Support Check Fails - needs Flash 9

  • amador

    amador - 2008-03-25

    When I try to start DimDim in IE7, the Browser Support Check Fails, with the message: "DimDim Web Meeting requires Adobe Falsh Player version 9 or later".

    I have installed this version, but this error always occurs.

    How can I resolv this ?


    • dimdim_dip

      dimdim_dip - 2008-03-25


      Thank you for your interest in Dimdim.
      Could you please tell us if you are using hosed version.
      If it is hosted version you can click on the skip check link
      Can you please tell us if you are able to see the skip check link on the environment check page.

      Thanks & Regards,

      • amador

        amador - 2008-03-25


        I'm using the Opensource version.

        A can't see any skip check link on the environment check page.

        In firefox it's working fine.

        Thank you.

        • John

          John - 2008-11-14

          I have the same problem. Was there a solution to this?

    • sunjunps

      sunjunps - 2008-12-02

      I also have this problem.
      My OS:Windows Server 2008
      VMware workstation6 with dimdim 3.5 image
      In server 2008 with IE7(FlashPlayer9),it stop at the environment check page without skip button
      In another server 2003, I can start the meeting.
      could someone give me a hand?

    • Simon Blandford

      Simon Blandford - 2008-12-02

      I get this problem using Flash10 on Linux and also someone else in the team when they use Flash 10 in IE (version of IE unknown). They tell me that they have lost the option to over-ride the check the second time they tried to set up a meeting.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2008-12-03

      A couple of files need to be updated, see

      for details.


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