Problems Joining Meeting from Internet

  • vintage43

    vintage43 - 2007-06-13

    Hi guys, i'm having some difficulty getting access to my DimDim Meeting from the internet.  It works just fine when I access it from other computers in my local lan. My setup is described below:

    Windows XP --> i have turned off the firewall
    DimDim Setup:  DynDNS address // Port 80
    Router: D-Link 824-VUP+
    The computer which is running the meeting has the local ip:
    Through the Router Setup --> Virtual Server --> i have opened up port 80 TCP for

    I have a DSL interent connection with a dynamic IP address --> i have registered with DynDNS for a re-routing address and also have the DynDNS Updater. 

    I can access the DimDim meeting through my DynDNS address from any other computer on the lan.  However anyone trying to access from outside my lan - i.e - from the internet - it doesn't work or load at all.

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated,



    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hello Vintage,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Could you please try the following.

      From the machine you were trying to start the meeting, open the command prompt and do a telnet to the Dimdim Conference server ip address which is explained in the example below

      c:\&gt; telnet <Dimdim server name> <Dimdim portnumber>


      • UEP

        UEP - 2007-08-18

        Hi Rajesh,

        I'm facing an identical problem to Vintage.
        I've tried to telnet the dimdim server as documented, and I get the following:
        UNKNOWN 408 Request Timeout.
        Please advise.


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hello UEP,

      Thanks for using Dimdim. Could you please let us know the following:
      1. OS in which Dimdim conference server is running
      2. The browser from which you are trying to host a meeting
      3. telnet to port 1935 and port 80 of Conference server from the machine you are trying to start the meeting
      4. Any specific scenario to reproduce the issue.


      • UEP

        UEP - 2007-08-20

        Hi Rajesh,

        Thank you for your prompt response.

        1. I'm using Microsoft Windows XP ,Service Pack 2
        2. Mozilla Firefox
        3. I'm not very familiar with telnet. Following your instructions to vintage43, I get:
        Port 80: UNKNOWN 408 Request Timeout.
        Port 1935: Could not open connection to the host, on port 1935: Connect failed.
        a. Specific scenario is port forwarding is enabled for Port 80 and port 443 to (Wireless LAN IP).
        b. I host dimdim on Firefox (ref point 2).
        c. I try to do a test access to my router IP at, but I get the following message:

        404 Not Found
        The requested URL '/dimdim/GetJoinConferenceForm.action?confKey=wukfknr' was not found on this server.

        Is there anything else you need to know to proceed with debug?


        • UEP

          UEP - 2007-08-26

          Hi Rajesh,

          Are there any updates on this issue?

          Eng Poh

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Could you please let me know the details about your network setup? If you want to access Dimdim through internet, you need to have your Conference server machine hosted.

      Also, send me your wrapper.log/configuration files to



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