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  • DiGiGround

    DiGiGround - 2007-09-11

    Good Day,
    I love dimdim, I have about 60 agents nationwide that use this application for Virtual Meetings and it is so simple for everyone except I would like to see if there is a way I can tweak some settings to make it faster.

    I'm one a Dedicated Red Hat Enterprise Server with dual core 2.4 1024mb ram, on a dedicated 100mbps connection with Hostgator and am experiencing about a 10 second delay when sharing applications or desktops.  Is there a place or configuration file that I can tweak to try and decrease this delay.  I'm only having about 5 participants at a time, just seems slow, any help?

    Also I have edited the InvitationTemplate.html, reset my server and the emails going out are still not reflecting the changes.  Where else should I be looking?

    Thank you & Great Work

    • chopeta

      chopeta - 2007-09-13

      Hi DiGiGround,

      Are you using the presenter settings for quality (connection-type=LAN and image quality=High)?

      Any way is a good question...

      Why when we use some kind of remote access software like VNC the delay is much better?

      Maybe Dimdim could change their internal mechanism for the Desktop Sharing and integrate with some flavor of open-source remote access. Maybe something optional, so the user can choice between the Dimdim way (more compression & delay/less bandwidth) or the "vnc" way (less compression & decreased delay / more bandwidth). This approach can be better specially in countrys like USA where the bandwidth is common and sip.

      Dimdim team???


      • DiGiGround

        DiGiGround - 2007-09-13

        I have tried changing the presenter settings, all the way down to low quality and bandwidth "black & white mode" and while speed increases I still get a 6-7 second delay.  While using a program like TightVNC I have less than a 1 second delay and that doesn't even go through my server just direct connection on 2 dsl connected laptops for our remote tech support for our sales people.

        I would really like to dive into some more settings to decrease the delay as I have plenty of bandwidth and plan on adding at least one or two more servers to handle the load, however I need to decrease this delay now as we are not yet hosting that many meetings, most are one salesperson presenting to a client with no audio and just screen sharing.  Any ideas would be very helpful.


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      The open source community version of Dimdim is free while the Enterprise edition is not. The enterprise version is fully supported and certified by us while the community supports the community version. The open source edition uses an open source flash streaming server while the streaming server in the Enterprise version has been fine tuned for reliability and scalability.

      The open source flash streaming server does not scale well above 10-12 simultaneous users in open source Dimdim. The Enterprise version is a truly scalable and finely tuned piece of software and there is practically no bottleneck on number of simultaneous users from the software side. With sufficient hardware resources the Enterprise version will support hundreds of simultaneous users.

      The Enterprise version has recording and archiving features (in development) which the community version does not have. The Enterprise version is available to our Customers and the members of the Dimdim Partner Network Program. Please see these links for more details:

      Each attendee needs around 100 kiloBits per second of bandwidth depending on the features being used. In the Enterprise version you would experience a much superior video and audio performance (similar to a telephone). 

      Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any queries to me at or my colleague Sundar - Cofounder and Dimdim's Director of Business Development (



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