ocget.dll - Work Around?

  • Dan-sutc

    Dan-sutc - 2007-09-11

    Hi, I was curious if there was a work around to DimDim querying ocget.dll every time it loads the web interface. Our proxy is designed to block all .dll files due to the high risk that these are generally malicious to some extent(Not that the ocget.dll is harmful, mind you).

    I'm mostly trying to use this on an internal level for web meetings between multiple branches in the company that is all wired with T1 in an intranet.

    Any help would be welcomed!

    • Bharat Varma

      Bharat Varma - 2007-09-19


      It appears that Internet Explorer uses ocget.dll to retrieve the .CAB file which functions as the Dimdim Publisher plugin.

      http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323207 should help you get more information about this and ways to make IE avoid calling a POST to ocget.dll

      In case you are using a version older than the latest version on Sourceforge, do upgrade. We are coming out of the CAB installation work-flow and going for a installation work-flow which gives us more control, for IE.

      Hope this information helps you.

      Bharat Varma


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