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  • sandhya

    sandhya - 2006-12-27


    Just found out about Dimdim.. sounds very impressive and looks good too. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the progress of this one.

    From my initial play with it, just a few queries/ comments:

    1. I'm getting an 'error in dimdim screen share' with the message: 'http request returned a status of http version not supported [505]' when trying to use the Desktop or Application sharing features. Any ideas why?
    I'm running Win2K & have IIS installed, but Dimdim's running off its tomcat server on port 8080.

    2. I tried changing the settings file with SMTP server set to smtp.googlemail.com which uses port 465 - didn't work.. has anyone else tried using the gmail server for this and had any luck with it?

    3. 'Stop Dimdim server' caused a java.lang.NullPointerException
    at java.io.File.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at com.dimdim.conference.ConferenceConsoleConstants.reInit(ConferenceConsoleConstants.java:218)
    at com.dimdim.conference.application.UserSessionManager.run(UserSessionManager.java:232)

    4. Any plans on having the beta version compatible with FireFox v2.0?

    5. At the risk of sounding really picky, I thought I should mention a spelling mistake in your User's guide definition of the term 'Attendee', Linux is misspelt as Lunix. (Sorry, I've just been working with some really pedantic people these last few months - hangover from that!)

    well.. that's it from me for now.
    Keep up the good work & good luck..

    PS: I also got the 'The JRE setup has been abnormally interrupted' error during install but worked fine once I'd downloaded & installed the JRE directly from the Sun website.

    • Saurav Mohapatra (dimdim)

      hi sandhya,

      thanks for using dimdim... we are glad you like it... if you could drop me a mail at saurav.mohapatra@dimdim.com I can guide you through certain diagnostics to test out the sharing...

      btw... does A/V work?


      • golfinguy

        golfinguy - 2007-03-08

        I'm getting the problem with 'HTTP Version not supported [505]' as well.

        I'm running the server on Fedora 5 and presenting on Windows XP / Firefox 2.

        The funny thing is - it worked the day after I installed it, then the following day I got this error and it hasn't worked since.  Nothing changed.

        Please let me know what the fix was or what to look into.


        • golfinguy

          golfinguy - 2007-03-11

          OK, that message no longer shows up.  I added port 1935 to my firewall list and it went away.  I just never added that earlier because I wasn't using voice, but apparently it needs to be there anyway?

    • Bharat Varma

      Bharat Varma - 2006-12-27


      Thank you for using Dimdim.

      1. Can you check if A/V works ? This information will help us narrow down the scope of the problem.

      2. We haven't tried this yet. We will get back to you.

      5. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. We will correct them at the earliest.

      We will get back to you for 3, 4.

      Bharat Varma.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      The 1935 port is required for audio/video and desktop share. So, the port is mandatory if you are using both of them.



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