Ms PPT works, OpenOffice PPT does not

  • Anonymous - 2009-07-09

    I have solved every other problem this far, but this last one is kinda tricky. I can share PPTs made with Microsoft Office but when I make a PPT using OpenOffice(no matter what version) dimdim gives me this "Unable to convert" error in the presentation "room".

    I also noticed that if I make a PPT using MsOffice and then edit it with OpenOffice -> upload -> everythin OK. But native OpenOffice document -> save as ppt -> not working...

    Any ideas?

    • Anonymous - 2009-07-09

      Edit: It must be the fonts somehow..when I tested with OpenOffice PPT -> text in Times New Roman -> upload -> works

    • Anonymous - 2009-07-09

      Ok, maby its not the fonts...When i make new empty OpenOffice Impress file and put a picture on it -> save as ppt , it wont work..if I make new with the wizard and add same picture to it -> save as ppt, it works..very weird

    • Anonymous - 2009-07-09

      This error appears to the console on the server when "not working" PPT is uploaded

      Couldn't load file /tmp/019038595c90aecb- not a TTF file? (error=8e)


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