can any1 help me please

  • madpak1

    madpak1 - 2007-04-19

    I believe this 2 be an awesome program, cheers to the developers.

    My problem is that I cant access conference from another computer other than the 2 i have here. It works fine on these two, running off the same router.

    when i have tried 2 access from another source i get a blank page.

    i am running the following.

    xp prof
    ie 7

    i think the installation went fine but dont understand ports and firewall thingys.

    if i need to purchase a domain, how do i do this and wat domain name do i use to publish my site over the internet.

    No idea bout networking computers

    any fix to this problem will be gratefully appreciated.



    • Rafael Quinones

      Rafael Quinones - 2007-04-30

      You do not need a registered domain to use DimDim although it makes remembering where to find your DimDim server alot easier. Determine what your public IP address is(assuming it's dynamically assigned) by going to Write down your IP address as you and the rest of the world will need it to 'see' your DimDim server from outside your LAN. Access your DimDim server from a PC outside your network setup in the same way you did on your LAN but this time using your public IP ( http://youripaddressgoeshere ).

      1. Check with your ISP to see if you can host a website on your pc. ie... They do not block access to port 80 on your public IP.
      2. If they do not block port 80. Forward port 80 on your router(check documentation) to the private IP address of  your DimDim server. This will allow you to access the DimDim server homepage. Once logged in, you can share a presentation, and text chat.
      3. DimDim uses RTMP port 1935 for streaming voice, video, and sharing your desktop/applications. If your ISP does not block this port, just as you've done before with port 80, port forward 1935 to your DimDim server in order to access those features outside your LAN.

      For additional information:

      Your questions are outside the scope of support for this forum but this should get you going in the right direction.

      Good Luck =)

    • madpak1

      madpak1 - 2007-05-29

      This is an O 4 AWESOME people. Thanks for the feedback, Ive finally got it up and running perfectly. What a great job with this 1 and best of all its free, however in saying that I will make a donation in appreciation for your efforts, so yea if you wanna watch this space.......thats Great.... 10/10 to the developers.

      • DD Ganguly

        DD Ganguly - 2007-05-29

        Thanks for the kind words! It's very satisfying to see a happy user.


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