DimDim4.5 Open Source: Updates/Bugfixes?

  • Jay

    Jay - 2009-02-28

    Where do we go to download updates and bugfixes for the open source version of DimDim 4.5?  (e.g., 4.5.x)

    Also, where can we get more detailed system administration instructions/manual for the open source version of DimDim 4.5?  We would like to edit login/logout pages and logos.  We understand that there is no admin web page for DimDim 4.5, but we would like to know which config files to edit and which parameters can be used.  Thank you.

    • Manish Shrivastava

      I am also waiting for dimdim V5.0 release to be made available for download by Dimdim Development team.

      Hope weeks are over and codes are available for evaluation and testing by Customers


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