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Linux vs. Windows

  • dacow

    dacow - 2007-12-13

    I noticed there isn’t a thread that compares the linux and windows versions.

    Please let me know your feedback (good and bad) on both platforms…


    • dacow

      dacow - 2007-12-13

      I have installed dimdim on CentOS 4.5 and am having a few issues with it.

      I can share PDF files with no problem (works great) but am unable to share desktop, applications or upload PPT files to the system.

      Will update on any other issues I run into as I continue to test...


    • plg

      plg - 2007-12-19

      Hi Dacow

      I have the same problem uploadind a ppt

      If you find a solution, please help us


      • dacow

        dacow - 2007-12-19

        Hey plguevara,

        I havent had a chance to play too much more with my test setup, but one thing that I did find was my yum update was not working to update all the packages.  some of the repos had header errors when they tried to update.

        My next step is to fix this and hopefully it will fix the internal code that allows these uploads.

        Run a yum update and let me know if yours works properly or if it fails like mine..



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