100+ participants review

  • Synesis

    Synesis - 2009-07-07

    Does anyone have any feedback on the stability of Dim Dim OpenSource with 100+ participants. We are going to have about 300+ participants in a webconference and would like to know if Dim Dim opensource can handle this. We've noticed in other applications that Red 5 has stability issues with large number of users.


    • Rob Frierson

      Rob Frierson - 2009-07-07

      It WILL blow up...Guaranteed!  We have done everything to try to make it work for ever 50 users, and it just becomes completely useless after 30+.  Goodluck!

      We were using it on a machine with dual-quad 3.0Ghz processors and 12GB of RAM, and it still just crawled! 

      We ended up just using Gotomeeting.com in stead....sorry for the bad news!

    • Synesis

      Synesis - 2009-07-10

      Thank you! You confirmed our hunch. We use a flash based chat application which uses RED 5.   Red 5 can't handle more that 30+ users before it crashes.

      Thanks again!


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