Where is the DimDim comunnity?

  • Sergio

    Sergio - 2009-06-03

    I don't wanna be offensive, but where is the DimDim open source community?

    Does DimDim as company really promote open source version?

    As DimDim companies quotes:

    "...solutions that remain islands, developed and deployed by one company, are much less interesting than open-source solutions that are developed and deployed by a community."
    - CNet

    So where is the community??

    It seems that nobody post messages here :(

    • juviarda

      juviarda - 2009-06-08

      where's DimDim and where's VMukti, and where's openfire??
      Dead; I don't believe that any of them were really motivated by what they offer to the community, but rather, how much money they can bring in !!
      Now, i'm not a dreamer who believe in a world without money, but I do put quality of service and best intentions first before thinking about money, cause I know that money stream will just follow honest and sincere work.


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