Network Issue in DimDim 4.5

  • Chris Tseng

    Chris Tseng - 2008-12-11


    I follow the readme to setup the ip adress and run following command.
    ./ 220.x.x.x 80

    After the configuration, I can't access dimdim within my local network. Having check the netstat, I can see all the traffic is going through to 220.x.x.x externally.

    I want to placed the server outside and communicate inside. May I know how to configure both inside and outside network? Please suggest.

    Currently my network is something like:


    Default GW:


    Defined a one to one NAT policy to with a external ip like 220.x.x.x

    Many thanks,


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Can you access the external ip from within your internal network? Can you try ping to your public address from inside the network and let us know the output.

      If ping is disabled, try a telnet to public ip and port 80 from within the network. If the telnet fails, in firewall, you need to map the external ip : 80 to internal ip : 80 and allow access.

      Let us know if this solves your problem.


    • john louis garcia

      Hi Chris,

      I have the same problem as yours and have found only 1 solution on it.

      ./ 80

      You should configure your server in both internal and external dns.

      I don't know why is dimdim setup on this way. I also like the NAT way when it was configured on a firewall or an external appliance like cisco router.

      I hope someone will change the network configuration of dimdim so that it can work on NAT by external appliance.




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