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  • Mike

    Mike - 2009-02-26

    I am trying to increase the amount of desktop that can be seen during screen sharing.  If both desktops are 1024x768 (which is common if the meeting is also being projected through a confernce room projector)  the amount of screen that can be seen seems too small, even if the viewer clicks Full Screen.

    I have identified 3 areas that I think some vertical space could be recovered.

    Here is an image showing the 3 areas:

    There might be a few pixels that can be squeezed out of the green area at the top.

    There mght be a way to reduce the number of pixels in the yellow area.

    There are definately a large number of pixels in the red area that can be recovered.

    I think I have identified the general area that the files invloved reside:


    Anyone else interested in trying to modify some of these pages to increase the amount of viewable area?  I'll post what I find but CSS is not my specialty.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-02-28

      Since I have a minimum expected resolution of 1024x768 but some users still have higher-res screens I did this:

      In   /usr/local/dimdim/nginx/html/screensharestatic/swfobject.js




      wValue = parseFloat(w);
      hValue = parseFloat(h);
      var wMin = 1046;
      var hMin = 835;
      if(wValue <= wMin){this.setAttribute("width",wMin);}
      if(hValue <= hMin){this.setAttribute("height",hMin);}
      if(wValue > wMin){this.setAttribute("width",w);}
      if(hValue > hMin){this.setAttribute("height",h);}

      In the file /usr/local/dimdim/ConferenceServer/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/dimdim/data/language/console/

      workspace.fullscreen.label=Full Screen
      workspace.fullscreen.label=Click here then F11 for Full Screen

      If the presenter is 1024x768 the first modification prevents scrollbars in the the flash portion of the Full Screen Screen sharing view.  Instead, if needed based on the size of the viewer's browser window, the scrollbars are now in the html/browser.  When F11 is pressed the browser goes full screen but there is still a lot of unused space down in the red area identified above.

      Anyone know how the layout of the different div's that makeup

      are specified/determined?


    • Mike

      Mike - 2009-03-06

      Here is a screencapture of a 1024x768 screen viewing a shared 1024x768 desktop after
      1)  the above mods are made to  /usr/local/dimdim/nginx/html/screensharestatic/swfobject.js
      2) the Full Screen link is clicked
      3)  F11 is pushed to put the browser into full screen

      I am still trying to find where the height/space identified by the red arrow is defined.  If that space can be eliminated there would be plenty of screen visible during sharing.

      I've modified plenty of files trying to identify how that area is specified but still no luck.  Does anyone have any ideas? 



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