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Dimdim has been acquired by

  • Scot Wilcoxon

    Scot Wilcoxon - 2011-01-06

    "What will happen to the Open Source version of Dimdim?
    The open source code made available by Dimdim remains available on Dimdim will no longer be contributing to this project."

  • dean collins

    dean collins - 2011-01-07

    I wonder what this means for the GPL source code?

    Shouldn’t someone be able to request the most recent copy of the code regardless of the ownership of the parent company unless they have stripped out all open source compnents?

    Is there a better onsite solution?

    Dean Collins

  • Shobhit Prabhakar

    I second that. Simply saying they will no longer support the opensource version does not relieve them from the licence under which the project started. Either they have to remove all opensource code from their project, or they have to follow the licence.

  • Bhoot Nath

    Bhoot Nath - 2011-01-07

    yes… but i wonder if anybody is folwo up on it.. despite the code being GPLed, they have not updated the source code here on SF for almost two years while the main product was getting updates after updates.. guess the GPL was only for PR and fund raising and the moment it was milked enough, they just closed shop….

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    DimDim is officially abandoned-ware. You can find a fork here:

  • Rob Frierson

    Rob Frierson - 2011-01-07

        As a long-time contributor to the original Dimdim team (now completely discusted by the fact that they broke GPL law and spit upon the very community that got them to where they are now), I would like to become a financial partner in the further development or the origainal source code, and to help build it to become the type of Enterprise-level, truely community-base system that it should be.
       We have been using the latest opensource code for a couple of years now for public schools all across the country, and have really enjoyed it, despite it's many shortcomings. 
       Now we "just" need to find the right team of dedicated professionals in the community who want to create something really spectacular, and who want to live up to code of honor that is spelled out in the GPL.  Anyone who is interested in taking on the coordination and continued programing & development of this project should let me know.
       I would especially like to speak with the folks who are thinking along these same lines, and who have already shown great initiative by launching the Midmid project so quickly. 
      Together, we can all build something far superior to the old Dimdim, and really create some spectacular.

  • shen torres

    shen torres - 2011-01-24

    There are many alternatives to choose from. Though there aren’t any free products, one can look at GoMeetNow

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-09

    There is another fork on github as well - It can be found at

    Hopefully someone can make sense of this project and come up with a decent product. I too am totally disgusted with the way DimDim handled their so called Community Edition.


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