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    Welcome to Open Discussion

    • Shan

      Shan - 2006-10-05

      Dimdim looks fine - can it do multiple rooms?
      Will it run on Firefox?
      Does it have a user list so I can message someone in another room?
      I also want hosted as I don't want to carry the work myself on top of admin my community
      so price for hosted version?
      Sorry the demo is awful can't make anything out about the features. There was no sound.

    • dimdim_sundar

      dimdim_sundar - 2006-10-06


      Thanks for trying out Dimdim.

      Dimdim does multiple simultaneous rooms.

      Attendees can join Dimdim web meeting through FireFox. Soon we will have full FireFox support when Presenters will also be able to use Dimdim through Firefox. Developers are working on this feature and it should be available in the next release.

      Right now messaging users in other rooms (rooms in which you are not a participant) is not supported.

      We have partnerships with companies which offer hosted Dimdim Enterprise Servers services. I understand you are refering to the Flash based slideshow on our website. Can we talk through my email sundar@dimdim.com? I will schedule a Dimdim demo for you so that you can experience the full feature set of Dimdim.



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