lighttpd install

  • Yousaf Khan

    Yousaf Khan - 2008-03-08


    I am installing on Centos 5, and already have Apache running. Do I still need to install lighttpd (or will the Dimdim installer automatically install it) even though I have a webserver?



    • Bryan McLellan

      Bryan McLellan - 2008-03-24

      The dimdim centos installer isn't very smart. The current release fails if lighttpd is already installed for instance.

      When I tried to run the installer the second time as well, it did detect that port 80 was being used, and thus failed, even though it was being used by itself.

      So no, I think the installer will just fail, and certainly will not use apache as it ships with it's own lighttpd file deep in the tree.


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