DimDim as a desktop support tool.

  • paul

    paul - 2008-06-05

    Has anyone seen Microsoft's easy assist?

    and what symantec use for support?

    I love the simplicity of providing support via these things.
    users navigate to a particular URL, input their name, session ID etc, and then the backend Tech Support person is connected to their desktop, and can see their desktop, and control it.

    Can DimDim be configured to do this?

    Hosted on a webfaceing webserver, and allow users to put in a preprovided session ID, and allow their technician to connect to their desktop?

    anyone tried to do something like this with DimDim?

    • dimdim_sundar

      dimdim_sundar - 2008-06-09

      Hello Paul,

      This is a great idea and very much possible using Dimdim. I will send you a email regarding this and setup a call to talk about this.

      Co-Founder and Director of Business Development
      Dimdim Inc.

    • paul

      paul - 2008-06-11


      Have recieved your email.
      Am out of the office, so have not had a chance to reply.

      Would be aiming for as simple a stup as possible.

      Interested in others input into this, particularly those who may have set something like this up already.

    • radek

      radek - 2008-08-22

      Just found out this software and I'm really interested to set it up as remote support tool for my users
      Is it possible at all ?
      Can remote users share their desktop with conference host?

    • Rob Frierson

      Rob Frierson - 2009-01-14

      I would also be VERY interested in using Dimdim as a support tool.  We provide web hosting services to public schools all around the country and get LOTS of requests from users on a daily basis, but have no easy method of seeing what they are seeing.  If Dimdim can be used for this type of service/support as mentioned abaove, we would LOVE to know how to do it too! 



    • ianph

      ianph - 2009-03-19

      Me also! I love to try this thing as a support tool. Is there anyway to remote a desktop using dimdim?

      Please keep me updated. :)


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