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Dan Ames
  • Dan Ames

    Dan Ames - 2006-10-27

    Sundar and others,

    A colleague and I have been working on setting up DimDim on our server for the purposes of hosting conferences related to our Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS or "Mapping" for the lay person) software.  I'm just posting to let you know that so far it has gone smoothly. 

    For your info, we are using a Linux server and testing with Internet Explorer 6.0.  Initial challenges and observations are:

    1) I crashed IE a couple of times, but couldn't duplicate the steps.  If I get that figured out, I'll post the steps for the crash
    2) The Attendees management tab functions are all disabled except for "Send Invite".  We added a few users to the conference, but were still not able to do "Make Active" "Make Presenter", etc.
    3) The voice functions are critical for our application but we don't have a good set of testing results on this yet.  I'll let you know.  Initial observation: clicking the "Play" button to begin broadcasting audio brings up a Macromedia warning about allowing Macromedia to have access to the mic and camera. 

    I'm now going to try to upgrade to your latest version (10/26/06 release) and will post follow on comments and results here.


    • Dan Ames

      Dan Ames - 2006-10-27

      OK, I've now upgraded to the 10/26/06 version with no problem.  Seems that it uses the identical three configuration files, so for upgrading, I copied all three files to a backup location and unzipped the new version, then copied the config files back to their respective places (after a quick file comparison to make sure there were now new configuration settings to be aware of).  For others reference, the three configuration files that you want to preserve after getting them set with your server and port settings are:


      I still see that there are several disabled functions in DimDim conference server.  As of today (and unless I've done something wrong on the install) the *disabled* functions include:

      In presenter mode:

      View - Full Screen
      View - Fit Screen
      Share - Image
      Share - Word
      Share - Excel
      Applications - Frame
      Collaborate - (all tools)
      Tools - Clone
      Tools - (all polling)
      Manage Attendees - all functions are disabled except for Send Invitation
      Manage Interactions - all functions are disabled except for chat.

      Good news:

      Seems to be working in FireFox. 


      • Rohit Shankar (DimDim Inc.)


        Thanks alot for sharing your Linux Upgrade expirience. The list of functionalities which you see disabled would start coming up in our future releases.

        Please let us know in case you face any issues or you have any feedback to share.


      • dimdim_sundar

        dimdim_sundar - 2007-01-23

        Hello Dan,

        Thanks for trying out Dimdim. Some of the features you had talked about have been implemented in the new Beta version which will be released soon. Two-way audio has also been added and the UI has also changed. If you like to see a demo please email me at sundar (@) dimdim.com


    • Dan Ames

      Dan Ames - 2007-03-05

      Just sent a direct note.  Looking forward to beta demo.  I'm very interested in not having to use Macromedia Breeze anymore... - Dan

      • dimdim_sundar

        dimdim_sundar - 2007-03-08

        Hello Dan,

        Thanks for your interest in Dimdim.
        Can we communicate over email (sundar(@)dimdim.com) to set up a date/time for the demo of the new builds?



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