DimDim Roadmap

  • Batman

    Batman - 2006-11-06

    Can you bring us up to date on the product roadmap? When do you expect the next release to be and what new features will be included?


    • dimdim_sundar

      dimdim_sundar - 2007-01-23

      Hello "Batman",

      The Beta release which will happen in the next few weeks will have two-way audio and totally new UI. The new UI uses GWT (Google Widget Toolkit). The main workflows have also changed making usre that user experience is enhanced. Soon after that whiteboard and recording and archiving features will be added.

      Please email me at sundar (@) dimdim.com if you wish to see a demo of the new Beta version.


      • Tim

        Tim - 2007-05-11

        Any new updates?  Very much looking forward to the beta release.

    • Alvinet

      Alvinet - 2007-04-11

      There is some good news about roadmap?
      When you think to release beta version?
      I'm very excited about this fantastic project and want to try the lastest version


    • Stephen Yale

      Stephen Yale - 2007-04-16

      Really looking forward to the BETA version also. Any news on a release date?

      Best regards,

    • jem777

      jem777 - 2007-05-24

      Updates for the date release of the open source beta?


    • Stephen Yale

      Stephen Yale - 2007-07-02

      What news on the roadmap for the beta release? I have a hungry server waiting to be fed...

      Best regards

    • CSRRao

      CSRRao - 2007-08-09

      I am really confused on the state of dimdim product.
      The Roadmap on the dimdim company website indicates that by now it should be GA.
      I see only alpha versions. 6 month back, I see they are indicating demoing of beta.
      The company's website asks for alpha hosting sign up. The company website has less than usual information provided by professional companies.

      I am interested in knowing true/honest state of implementation. Is it alpha quality or is it beta quality. Is it reasonably near to feature complete(adhering roadmap and feature set).
      Is any body using on regular basis. Or there any companies, websites using this in regular basis.


      • Rohit Shankar (DimDim Inc.)


        Dimdim team has been busy in making the product more stable and reliable.

        Below are the data points about the Open Source Dimdim usage.

        - Dimdim is in top 10 Ranking of SourceForge today.
        - Dimdim Web Meeting is being downloaded around 500 times per day ( Our yesterday's download count was 800+)
        - Dimdim Team released a new and stable version last week (release date) for Windows and Linux with numerous issues fixes.
        - Dimdim had a news item which got published on the home page of SourceForge yesterday detailing about the release
          and also upcoming feature.

        Dimdim has paying customers for both the On-Premise Enterprise Edition as well as Hosted Enterprise Edition. Right now
        Dimdim is in private invite-only Beta and will be available under General Availability in next few months.

        If you wish to have more details please get in touch with my colleague Sundar ( sundar@dimdim.com ) who is Co-founder and
        Director of Business Development.

        Rohit Shankar
        Director of Engineering

    • Alexandre Freire

      Excellent news.

    • Sam Gaw

      Sam Gaw - 2007-11-16

      So... whats the roadmap? :)


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