5 user limitation?

  • med01e

    med01e - 2008-03-15

    It seems like the windows download has a 5 user limitation. Is anyone working on a build or release that eliminates this limitation - either windows or linux?

    • Bryan McLellan

      Bryan McLellan - 2008-03-24

      AFAICT, it's intentional. While the website claims dimdim is moving to GPL, I noticed a lot of the source code in the current "source" download contains old licenses. Messy...


      Open Source SF edition of dimdim is a personal edition of the meeting server and is meant to cater to single meeting. We have currently placed the restrction to upto 5 participants. For larger meetings, the resources required increase significantly and require dedicated servers. 
        Please use the hosted dimdim edition - for hosting larger meetings. We also provide an enterprise server build for on-premise installations.

    • keith10456

      keith10456 - 2008-03-26

      I agree with this quoted post below...  I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED BY THE DIMDIM 5 USER LIMITATION.  I believe it goes against the heart of OpenSource AND they are misleading the general public by not mentioning it when they make a statement such as this on one of the main pages of their site, "It has all the features of the Enterprise edition and the only difference is that it is more of bleeding edge software".

      With the 5 user limitation, without a doubt it is an abuse of the free support they get from the "community".

      It's sad because not only was I on the verge of using it, but I was about to recommend it on a number of related Message Boards.  I guess I have a different story to tell now!!!

      "On the dimdim website, the statement was another. E. g.:
      "So Dimdim with its immersive open source approach and decided to provide as many features as possible free of cost in its Open Source edition."

      Even at the moment:
      "It has all the features of the Enterprise edition and the only difference is that it is more of bleeding edge software."

      There is no word of such intentional restrictions.

      Imagine, if MySQL or the Apache Foundation, or even Redhat/CentOS/Fedora published their software in a way that "it is free, but only 5 People can access your website".

      I am heavily disappointed regarding the way dimdim takes even if it thanks all the peeople in the open source scene for profiting from their free working:

      From my point of view, this is another "try, help us for free, but then buy"-scenario. I am angry about having spent my time with this. "


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