VMWare Appliance 4.5 Not Working

Greg S
  • Greg S

    Greg S - 2008-12-03

    When this appliance is loaded on VMWare workstation 6.5, it loads and boots, and even gets a dhcp address. However, whenever you try to go to the application http://<dhcp ip>/dimdim the web server redirects the request arbitrarily to, which I'm assuming is a vestigal artifact left over from whoever built this thing. Seeing as I don't have a lot of experience with dimdim (and a build from source seems virtually impossible due to lack of documentation) I don't even know where to look to remove this redirect. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    What is interested is that other network services work fine (ssh, etc) which is what leads me to believe there is something that's redirecting it to a server that doesn't exist on my network.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Thanks for trying Dimdim. Could you please let me know if you have configured the ip address using the script Config-ipaddress.pl.

      If you haven't configured the ipaddress, goto the folder /usr/local/dimdim and run the script as
      ./Config-ipaddress.pl 192.168.1.X 80

      Once the configuration is done, stop and start the Dimdim components using stopDimdim and startDimdim.

      After restart of the Dimdim components, try http://<configured ip>:<configured port no.>/dimdim/

      Let us know if this solves your problem.

      Please refer to "Dimdim all component IP Configuration" of Dimdim_SF_VMWare_Appliance_ReadMe_v4.5.txt for detailed steps.


    • Manish Verma

      Manish Verma - 2008-12-07

      I have observed two issues during testing.

      First: Using no-ip service provided related to dynamic IP.

      After doing IP setup as, "./Config-ipaddress.pl 192.168.0.X 80 HOSTNAME" the session creation/access page does not work via internet. However, this page can be accessed from the local machine.

      However, if IP address (obtained via router control panel or from whatismyip.com) is entered in place of HOSTNAME, things work perfectly fine both locally and via internet.

      Note: In the readme file, the order is reversed, that is:

      "./Config-ipaddress.pl externalip 80 internalip" which does not seem to work.


      As stated earlier, entering numbers during IP setup makes session creation/access page accessible via both the local machine and the internet. Now, anybody via internet can create session. It would be nice to know how to stop this potential unauthorised session creation.

    • Greg S

      Greg S - 2008-12-10

      The above suggestion did work. Thank you.

    • Ward Christensen

      Hi, Rajesh, thank you so much for your efforts.

      I have followed the directions.  I even created a little shell script to do them.

      I specifically do:
      ./Config-ipaddress.pl 80

      then ./StopDimdim
      then ./StartDimdim

      I am using the 4.5 Vmware appliance and just downloaded VMware player when I couldn't get it to work with my VMware Server (probably my problem).

      Are either of the web browsers supposed to work in the VMware player / centos version? Mine say "starting web browser" or "starting firefox..." but then nothing happens, the task line disappears.

      I was hoping to minimize the variables by just using a browser within centos to see if I could at least access dimdim

      If I run ifconfig eth0, I see <== DHCP

      Does that have ANYTHING to do with the value to be used in dimdim's config ip?

      Further, when I do ipconfig all in my windows host, I see 2 vmnets, one at, one at

      The plethora (surplus) of IP addresses: (all 192.168)
      .0.109 <== centos under vmware dhcp assigned
      .1.33 <== dim dim assigned
      .14.1 and .77.1 <== vm assigned
      .0.60 <== the host windows
      leave me wondering just WHERE dimdim will appear,
      and how to set up an external router to come to it.

      Thank you very much


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