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  • David Kelso

    David Kelso - 2007-11-08

    Hi dimdim team.

    Just wondering on which version the GPL starts applying to the code? Is it on any of the currently released version?
    Also wondering if this means the CVS repository and the developer builds will be kept more up to date (due to the source code publishing requirement of the GPL)?


    • Stephen Yale

      Stephen Yale - 2007-11-08

      I was so enthusiastic when I read on the web about DimDim many moons ago. Everything was always tomorrow. Alpha release next week...Beta release in September etc etc. The beta release that they have right now is installed on their own servers and is not offered to the community. I am saddened by this. So much for a community version. Someone somewhere has realized its potential and now we have an enterprise version with no similar community version. I am getting tired of waiting and hope that someone else has another offering. When I became interested in DimDim, I told everybody. Now I say nothing.


      • dimdim_uday

        dimdim_uday - 2007-11-08

        Hello Stephen
        Thank you for your interest in dimdim.
        I apologize for the delay in the release cycle.

        The current Beta Version is offered as a hosted software as a service. The same functionality will be made available shortly to the Community via Sourceforge Downloads as a Community Edition.
        We are working on packaging and testing the software - there has been significant additions from the prior alpha version which has increased the time to release.

        The initial Community edition will be available for download within the next 2 weeks with CentOS 4.5 Linux as the first supported server platform.


        dimdim Director of Operations.

        • Stephen Yale

          Stephen Yale - 2007-11-09

          I await with eager anticipation Uday. I have already prepped a box with CentOS 4.5


    • Dan Ames

      Dan Ames - 2007-11-08

      David, I've started looking at ConferenceXP from MS.  Could be an interesting alternative or companion for Dim Dim...  - Dan

    • deep

      deep - 2007-11-27


      I am working on one Website(C#). I just want to use your Dimdim code in my website. I have downloded your source code.

        How do I use your source code in my website.
          Please Guide me how can I do this. It's urgent.

      Waiting for your reply.

      Deep jyoti


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