How does this work: open source and Dimdim?

  • snkscore

    snkscore - 2008-08-28

    How does this work w/ this being open source and yet the code available here seems to be much older than the product version at, 3.0 vs 4.0 I think.

    Does Dimdim just drop some new code here every now and then (trailling their production product version by a year or so)?

    • Steve Chazin

      Steve Chazin - 2008-09-18

      Since we also have a free hosted version that gets used by thousands of people every day we can get immediate feedback and make improvements as we go. Simply put, we're making daily improvements to the hosted code and that way we can release the improved source code and the VMWare appliance with all these fixes. We have tried to do this coincident with the hosted version and that resulted in a poorer open source product. It typically takes us 6-12 weeks to iron out the bugs and release the source code. We recently decided to jump directly to 4.5, as we've add some significant new features and we WILL release the latest source code coincident with Dimdim 4.5 when we launch that product in the next 5 weeks and come out of beta permanently. After that time we will try to drop open source releases preceding the commercial releases so the community can help us with bug fixes, feature enhancements, plug-ins and extensions that can be made freely available to all.


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