help me aboutt dimdim

  • Montero

    Montero - 2008-04-08

    Hi!I'm starting my final proyect at the University of Seville. It's about web conferencing. A week ago I found Dimdim proyect. I think it's interesting for me and I would like to us for my proyect.
    I would like that someone tell me advice for starting with dimdim. How can I test it? What I need for test its code? Do I need Visual Studio? ....

    I would like read some experience that help me.

    I'm much interesting in this project, I would like contribute with my future work.

    I'm sorry for my english, it isn't very good, so I will try improve it.


  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-06

    Is anybody stiil listening here !

  • Dilip

    Dilip - 2013-03-06

    yes  client code needs VS, server is in java.

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-06

    Iam Glad to find some one listening ! I cant express how relief iam feeling

    Actually i want to customize Dimdim by using the source code v4.5 .

    Iam in the first step of it : Getting the source code into eclipse , so that i can modify and see how the changes reflecting .
    Please can you help me how to get started.

    I had never experience using a open source code to re- develop

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-06

    Please take time to read this post : Iam just trying to explain what iam looking for and what i have done

    Iam Trying to :

    1. Create a environment to edit the dimdim source code and test the changes. Iam using Windows system for development
    2. Understand what technologies are used in Dimdim.
    3. Any series of step to follow to Run , Build, modify  the source code of dimdim v4.1

    Let me just explain what I have done so far , this will give a clear idea of where iam :

    1. I downloaded the source code : DimdimSource code v4.1 from the sourceforge URL :

    2. Got  Java, eclipse , GWT 2.5 SDK , GWt plugin for eclipse into my windows system .

    3. Created two (2) project in eclipse using the "Java Project from Existing any BuildFile" (an option in eclipse to create a ant build project ), using the build.xml from "sourcecodeV4.1/ webapps / consoleII ' and the build.xml  from " sourcecodeV4.1/ webapps / serverI_I".  Added the dependencies needed from the "_sourcecodeV4.1/ ThirdPartyPackages". Added the GWT SDK to the properties of project.

    4. Now Iam left with two projects in the eclipse name dimdim (from build of consoleII) , dimdim1(from build of serverII). Iam unable to execute either of projects

    Please validate what i have done is right or not !
    What is that I am missing.

    Iam trying to download the link that you sent , any updates what to with it , I think its part of environment needed for dimdim to run . Am I right ?

    Real thanks for taking time to read my Question . Sry if anything is not clear Or clumps y . Please help me to get started ! Please !

  • Dilip

    Dilip - 2013-03-06

    hmm… so many questions.. :)
    i am not sure how many i can answer.

    vaguely remember that server contains source of server
    console is a gwt project which compiles to become html,js sources, which needs to be going into server's web app's static resources.

    also there are no steps to make import as eclipse project.

    manual, brute force might work, roughly:
    extract java sources and create a java project based on that, add dependencies by looking into build.xml

    regarding technologies, server is typical java app, i think it uses webworks (now part of struts) UI is a gwt project.
    once server app and ui is built you have deploy it into tomcat or some thing similar.

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-07

    Sorry for so many Questions!
    I was banging my head from couple of days with these Questions . So could not resist my self after finding some one who could answer me !

    Thanks a lot for your clear info :

    Please, bare with my Questions. if any in future !

    Let me start again , with info given by you !

    ONce again thanks a lot !!

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-08

    I tried getting up my code into the eclipse using the   ant build !

    I have two project in my eclipse now ,  serverII(which is java applicaion ) and consoleII(which is GWT project ) . Does these two project include all the components of Dimdim ? 

    As per ur suggestion i downloaded the VMWare appliance for dimdim  from ::

    Iam new using VMWare . By goggling i found that,  its provide the image of all software stack needed for the project. Please correct me if I am wrong. Can i use this VMware image to re-develop the project   OR I need to install  all the dependencies needed into my system (Windows system ) to do the customizing in my system ..

    Please replay with  your valuable help !

  • Dilip

    Dilip - 2013-03-08

    for server and console, u have to look into the ant build file, that would give you some idea.

    vmware appliance is not for development, but for deployment, u can bring that server up and start using the application.

    once u have some changes, you can deploy on the server and verify your changes.

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-18

    Hai !
    Firstly I really want to thanks for the great support !

    Can You please give me some knowledge about what exactly the various folders in source code " DimdimSource code v4.1" contains :

    The various folder contained in the source code are :

    1. Components.
    2. Dependencies.
    3.  FCGIApps
    4. PreBuildBinaries
    5. Products
    6. Red5Modules
    7. ThirdPartyPackages
    8. WebApps

    Hopeing for help from Vedil Or some else .. Please Help me

  • Dilip

    Dilip - 2013-03-18

    will try to answer it

    contains media server, which is used to convert uploaded ppt to flv files so that they can be served in the conference
    cpp/objc -  this is used to capture screen and broadcast also contains browser plugin

    Dependencies for components

    FCGIApps  - reflector (screen sharing server )

    PreBuildBinaries - similar to dependencies, contains thirdpaty stuff

    Products- once build is successful all the payloads go here.

    Red5Modules - red5 modules for whiteboard and AV

    ThirdPartyPackages - dependencies for web apps

    WebApps - this is the over all web application that ties all others together.

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-19

    Thanks you vedil , for very descriptive replay  !
    You responses always helped me  !

    Now I have a single project in eclipse build from severII , with consoleII generated code in its public resources.

    What i now understand is :  this above project (build from the serverII) is just a application that tie up all other component .Correct if Iam wrong .

    Now please let me know  how exactly i can bring up all these components and this project(webapp serverII) into my Server, such that I can have fully working dimdim project.

    1.   Should I need to install all other component  which are : red5, reflector , cpp/objc , media server (from component folder) .    Let me know is missing any component.
    2.   Will project (build from the serverII) access all these components directly OR any work around is needed (like locating the path of the component).

    Please provide your valuable support.

    _Once again , I really appreciate active and continuous support.  _

  • Dilip

    Dilip - 2013-03-19

    i am not sure about my answer

    1. console and server should be all hosted in a web server (we used to use jetty for it)
    2. i think red5 etc… needs to be installed
    one suggestion is to see the VM try to run it and then you can know how to deploy it
    3. overall the server/console ties all the other services based on some property files, media server is used for converting ppt's etc to flv's so that they can be shown in browser

    over all to answer, i think you have to install all of them but how and where i am not sure :(

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-20

    Thanks you very much vedil ! This is help full for me !

  • ibrahim

    ibrahim - 2013-03-31

    I would like to thank Mr.Vedil for helping other.

    I used to start with this project ,but i stopped for many reasons .One of them I didn't find support as i see.

    May i share with you .please?

    Best Regards .


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