Implementing new tools/features in Dimdim

  • vitsca

    vitsca - 2009-01-09

    Hi. I would like to suggest that a crucial point for taking off the project would be to provide (at least a minimum of) information on how possibly one can *add* new tools to the platform. It would strongly benefit the platform as such, and would possibly be useful for the company that is exploiting commercially the product, by increasing the effectiveness of it with ad-hoc plugins. Think, for example, to the model of Eclipse platform.

    As an example, I have been conducting a team (in a european funded project) that developed CoFFEE, a collaborative platform for face2face collaboration in classroom, and we are now public in Sourceforge (, with opensource and support ... and would like to leverage the Dimdim capabiliyies with some of our software features. But we would need some info, docs, etc. on how to do that.. besides the "support" and "head nodding" from the company..

    Congratulations, anyway, for job done.. but it could become a better project.. not just a "cheap", "unstable", crippleware for videoconferencing.. :-)


    Vittorio Scarano

    • Kevin Micalizzi

      Kevin Micalizzi - 2009-01-09


      We have an open API for our hosted product and release our conferencing server as open source.  Thank you for the suggestion of a plugin architecture, I believe the engineering team has already been discussing this, but I'll bring it up with them. 

      You seem critical of the product and our releasing the code to the community.  We've been very open in talking about projects with open source developers and have integrations with a number of products.  Some are listed at:

      We release our conference server as open source in good faith.  If you have suggestions for how we can better engage with the open source community, please let me know.   If you are serious about a collaboration, please drop me an email and I'll see if I can get a conversation setup with our engineering team.


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    • vitsca

      vitsca - 2009-01-14

      Hi Kevin
      thanks for answering so quick... Sory for looking critical about the policy: I understand it is your company's right (and who else! :-) to decide that... What I was suggesting was that an open-source model (similar to many projects, including Eclipse and our, that is Eclipse based) can be useful for triggering more interest (and revenues for the company!): let the open-source community free to add plugins to the dimdim, so that the product is customizable and adaptable to several  occasional customers and plan to offer support and professional services, plus professionally developed plugins... Eclipse, just to name one, has wonderful free and open source plugins but also many professionally developed, complex plugins that are very good (and of course generate revenues for the company)...

      About the collaboration and CoFFEE, I'll be writing you in private but, in short, we have been experiencing with more elaborated way of doing collaboration in classroom, that go beyond the classical chat, or share whiteboard, is more structured and has proven itself useful and scientifically valid after experiments in classrooms in 4 countries (see the project site\) and the software (, development on SF with name coffee-soft) is plugin-based.. we would like to be able to integrate remote (dimdim??) and face2face integration, as well as discussing new tools to be added to dimdim...

      Thanks for your quick response, again!

      Vittorio Scarano
      Università di Salerno


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