Commit Date  
[r2042] by rdg

Changed output encoding to the same encoding used by the service

2014-04-14 14:55:33 Tree
[r2041] by rdg

Changed output encoding to the same encoding used by the service

2014-04-14 14:53:46 Tree
[r2040] by rdg

New code for time profiling on search operations

2014-02-05 13:01:27 Tree
[r2039] by rdg

Fixed bug with local filter, which was not properly enclosing the SQL condition when combining it with another filter

2013-11-11 16:37:32 Tree
[r2038] by rdg

Replaced deprecated function

2013-03-19 10:57:10 Tree
[r2037] by rdg

Updated changelog

2012-08-22 06:11:48 Tree
[r2036] by rdg

HTTP parameters must be case insensitive

2012-08-22 06:07:28 Tree
[r2035] by rdg

Fixed bug in code commited today

2012-08-22 05:53:27 Tree
[r2034] by rdg

Fixed bug in search operation when more than one KVP orderby parameter is passed. Also replaced the function that converts multiple parameters with the same name into arrays.

2012-08-21 21:03:07 Tree
[r2033] by rdg

Minimum PHP version is now 5.0.3

2012-03-28 21:54:09 Tree
[r2032] by rdg

Upgraded PHP ADOdb version to 516a.

2012-03-28 21:51:19 Tree
[r2031] by rdg

Moved code to correct place.

2011-02-25 18:50:08 Tree
[r2030] by rdg

Workaround to get clone working in older PHP versions.

2011-02-25 18:42:14 Tree
[r2029] by rdg

Avoid bug in PHP >= 5.2

2011-02-17 20:49:38 Tree
[r2028] by rdg

Fixed crash when a literal in a kvp filter is not delimited by double quotes.

2011-02-02 16:24:44 Tree
[r2027] by rdg

Updated version number.

2010-09-15 00:51:15 Tree
[r2026] by rdg

Minor updates in the readme file.

2010-09-15 00:47:04 Tree
[r2025] by rdg

Avoid repeating the same field and allow user to specify the number of records.

2010-09-12 20:02:03 Tree
[r2024] by rdg

New configuration option to allow more efficient counts in databases.

2010-09-07 22:55:10 Tree
[r2023] by rdg

Fixed bug in the configuration interface (automapping with php5).

2010-09-03 14:37:12 Tree
[r2022] by rdg

Avoid warning when handler is disabled.

2010-09-02 20:30:25 Tree
[r2021] by rdg

Updated changelog.

2010-09-02 19:57:15 Tree
[r2020] by rdg

Replaced call to deprecated function.

2010-08-28 23:06:46 Tree
[r2019] by rdg

Avoid warnings about assigning return value of "new" by reference.

2010-08-28 23:05:14 Tree
[r2018] by rdg

New timezone setting.

2010-08-28 22:51:36 Tree
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