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TapirLink 0.6.1 released

This release contains a couple of bugfixes and improvements. It now allows configuration for automatic updates and includes a new cache mechanism for inventory/search counts.

Posted by regiov 2008-08-01

TapirLink 0.6 released

After several months of preparation, a new version of TapirLink is finally available. This release includes many bugfixes and improvements. It also makes TapirLink fully compatible with the latest changes in the TAPIR protocol.

Posted by regiov 2008-04-30

New client library available for TAPIR

tapirChirp is a new PHP client library that can be used to interact with TAPIR providers. It is still not feature complete but covers the most important functionalities of the protocol. The latest version should always be available at: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=38190&package_id=256783

Posted by regiov 2007-12-27

TapirLink 0.5 released

This release includes exciting new features like alias support for query templates and more intelligent automapping mechanisms. It also includes important bugfixes, mainly related to caching (which is now enabled by default) and response structure handling.

Posted by regiov 2007-09-10

TapirLink 0.4 released

This release includes new features (new CNS handler, support for ABCD, and many improvements in response structure parsing) as well as some bugfixes that will require users to save metadata and settings for each resource using the admin interface in order to regenerate the underlying templates that were producing invalid responses according to the TAPIR XML Schema.

Posted by regiov 2007-07-25

TapirLink 0.2 released

The new version of TapirLink (0.2) contains several bugfixes and some new features like XSLT skins, support to TAPIR environment variables, enhancements in XML Schema parsing and it is also fully compatible with all changes proposed to the TAPIR protocol during the 2007 TAPIR workshop in Copenhagen.

Posted by regiov 2007-03-12

New Portal Release (0.95)

A new version of the portal has been released. Use of the new application archives requires the install of the new environment zip file (due to library changes and additions). All items are version 0.95. The new release allows for UTF-8 requests and responses. Also, on the presentation layer one can provide a predefined filter now (e.g. Class = Mammalia). The portal install documentation has been updated as well. Cheers!

Posted by P.J. Schwartz 2004-05-08

New Provider Release

DiGIR Provider Release Candidate 2 is now available for download.

Posted by Dave Vieglais 2003-02-15

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