Dear all,

There were some problems with early combinations of PHP5, Apache2.2, and the Pear libraries. As far as I know these are resolved in later versions. I know for sure that we have many PHP5.x and Apache2.x functioning. I also know that the PHP4 combination didn't ever have the problem. Still, this problem Markus is not one I've seen before, but I haven't yet installed a provider under the same conditions.


On Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Renato De Giovanni <> wrote:
Hi Markus,

I know there are problems using the DiGIR provider with PHP 5.x versions.
I can't remember exactly what they were, but I can try to find something
in my e-mail history if you need. Anyway, my recommendation for DiGIR
users is simply to use it only with PHP 4.x.

Best Regards,

> Hi,
> I have done a fresh install of a PHP DiGIR 1.21 provider on Mac OSX
> 10.5 [PHP 5.2.5,Apache 2.2.8].
> It seemed to work fine until I added a new (and first) resource in the
> web configuration. After a second I got an error and the Apache logs
> tell me this:
> "child pid 10256 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"
> Looks like PHP died. Anyone experienced any problems like that before?
> I have tried it with the latest MAMP release too and got the same
> error (also using PHP 5.2.5).
> thanks,
> Markus

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