Peter Neish - 2002-09-25

I've been having a bit of trouble getting the portal to work using a proxy server. Everything seems to be installed ok, but the portal cannot discover any providers because it gets an error opening a port. I suspect I don't have proxy support configured properly.

I tried setting CATALINA_OPTS=" -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080", but this doesn't work. I would have thought getting tomcat to deal with the proxy would be the most logical place for this to happen, rather than at the application layer. Any suggestions?

Versions installed were: Portal Environment(beta), Engine (beta3) and Presentation (beta3) using j2sdk1.4.1 and Tomcat4.0.4 (4.1.10 didn't work).

One other minor point that came up during installation was that there was no temp file in the engine or presentation file structure throwing an exception. The environment variable CATALINA_TMPDIR defaults to %CATALINA_BASE%\temp, so you need to either change this variable, or create a temp dir: DiGIR\tcinstance\engine\temp and DiGIR\tcinstance\pres\temp.