Hi Xen,

On Jan 6, 2014 1:38 AM, "Xen Wildman" <xenwildman@gmail.com> wrote:
> Today I reformatted and reinstalled Ubuntu on my system. Again the driver works but there is no pressure sensitivity. Am I doing something wrong or was there never any pressure to begin with?

The tablet without pressure sensitivity would be barely useful, so yes, the pressure is supposed to be there. You can test the input stack to determine where the pressure is lost like this:

1. See usbhid-dump output. The pen input reports should have variable pressure in the last two bytes. If they don't change with the pressure applied to the pen, then most likely it's a hardware issue.

2. Check that the out-of-tree driver is used. See "modinfo hid-huion" output. It should include version field (the latest version is 3). See "dmesg" output to check that "hid-huion" driver is used and not "hid-generic". You can also check what module (version) is used to handle the tablet device in sysfs (under /sys).

3. Check "evtest" output for the pen device. It should have pressure output varying with the pressure applied to the pen. If it doesn't, then the kernel driver is to blame.

4. Check "xinput test" output for the pen device. If the reported pressure doesn't vary with the actual pen pressure, then the X driver is to blame.

5. Otherwise it is a GUI framework or application issue.