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DigenusDisk: New Version 0.8 Released

DigeniusDisk (Command-Line) & DigeniusDiskX (GUI) - Rip, Save, Load and Rename Movies on Hard drives of Digital Broadcasting Receivers based on Digenius Technology (Medion, Grobi...)

Finally the new version 0.8 is released with the following changes:

  • Program is now multilingual (English & German) - language can be changed during runtime
  • Selected language is stored in configuration file and re-selected when program is started
  • Selected streams are stored in configuration file and re-selected when program is started
  • The target directory for ripped/saved recordings can be selected now
  • Selected target directory is stored in configuration file and re-selected when program is started
  • Error during checking of existing drives corrected (before only the first 9 drives were checked, now the first 30)
  • When loading DGS-files on the reveicer several files can be selected now at once
  • DGS-files can now also be ripped "offline" from the local harddisk
  • When ripping DGS-files from the local harddisk several files can be selected at once
  • Folders on the receiver (supported since 3.42.9 of Grobi's firmware) are now fully supported
  • Double-clicking on a folder in the recording list changes into the selected folder
  • Renaming of folders is also possible
  • The function "Rename" has been renamed to "Edit"
  • For a recording and a folder the name as well as the recording date can be changed now
  • For a recording the "Recording not played yet"-exclamation mark can be turned on and off now
  • For recordings in the root folder the recording type (TV or radio) can be changed now
  • Recordings can be moved from one folder into another folder (cut and paste of recordings)
  • Free diskspace now calculated correctly finally
  • Program now automatically requests administrative rights in Windows Vista (Trustinfo added to manifest)
  • Error while loading DGS-files onto the receiver with special characters in recording name corrected
  • During ripping/saving/loading/deleting of recordings now the elapsed and the estimated remaining time is shown
  • Error about invalid record during ripping of recordings corrected (thanks to Sparkxy/Matthias for the hint)
  • Split recordings are now completely ripped (thanks to Sparkxy/Matthias for the hint)
  • Link to Sourceforge-project added to about-dialog
  • Shown size of recordings corrected
  • Error with sorting in recording list corrected
  • Performance for reading the table of contents improved
  • Existing files are no longer overwritten during ripping/saving but are automatically numbered consecutively
  • Some minor errors corrected
Posted by tom-kaltofen 2008-07-25

Project Reactivated

Today the DigeniusDisk project has been reactivated! Current versions of DigeniusDisk and DigeniusDiskX will follow soon!

Posted by tom-kaltofen 2006-05-31