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kdiff-ext 0.4.0

Konqueror context menu extension kdiff-ext has been ported to KDE 4.1+.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2009-02-03

xdiff-ext 0.1.0

I' glad to announce that diff-ext is now available for Thunar file manager as xdiff-ext.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2008-08-31

gdiff-ext for Nautilus 0.3

gdiff-ext 0.3 for Nautilus has been released.
This release fixes Nautilus crash with gdiff-ext installed.
Added an option to enable/disable gdiff-ext based on the selected file mime-type.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2007-10-17

diff-ext for nautilus 0.2.2

diff-ext for nautilus 0.2.2 has been released.
The new release has Japanese, German, Russian and Ukrainian translations.
Many thanks to Hayashi Kentaro for updated Japanese translation.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2007-01-31

diff-ext for nautilus 0.1

I'm glad to announce first ever release of diff-ext for UNIX platform.
Diff-ext now supports nautilus file manager!
Give it a try, send in your comments and suggestions.


Posted by Sergey Zorin 2007-01-25

diff-ext 1.8.5 released

diff-ext 1.8.5 adds Ukrainian translation and context menu icons.
I would like to thank Dmitry Gordiyevsky and Andy Kovtun for help with Ukrainian translation.

There was a regression in diff-ext 1.8.4.
This build fixes the regression.
If you have diff-ext 1.8.4 please update to diff-ext 1.8.5

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2006-12-23

diff-ext 1.7.5 released

I would like to announce first release for 64 bit architectures. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line if it works for you.
Also in this release German translation by Mathias Weinert and Japanese translation by HAYASHI Kentaro.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2006-09-17

diff-ext 1.7.1 released

I'm happy to announce new release of diff-ext Windows shell extension.
This version adds more flexibility to diff command line configuration as well as more pesonalization.
The flexibility does not come for free though. The command line configuration syntax has been changed. Now diff-ext expects file placeholders (%1 %2 %3) in the diff command line.
For example, if You plan to use kdiff3 as diff toll, Your "compare" and "3 way comapre" commands should look like:
'"kdiff3.exe" "%1" "%2"'
'"kdiff3.exe" "%1" "%2" "%3"'

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2006-08-15

diff-ext 1.6 released

I've ddded 3 way diff/merge support.
For now it allows to select 3 files in Windows Explorer and do 3 way diff. I still have to work on mor interesting workflow for the feature. May be allow to select two files in Windows Explorer and do 3 way diff with saved base file (same way as I do with 2 way diff).
Any comments on the 3 way diff and diff-ext in general are very welcome. :)


Posted by Sergey Zorin 2006-05-16

diff-ext 1.4 released

This is first Unicode version of the diff-ext.
On the bright side -- no more question marks in the
On the other hand, there is no support for Windows 95/98/ME in this release.
If you have any problems with this release please downgrade to 1.3.2.

All the best,

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2005-11-25

diff-ext 1.0 released

At last! First release! I hope that there will be more ;)

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2004-01-25

diff-ext 0.80 released

First language release of diff-ext. It can speak Russian now! Translators to other languages are very welcome ;)
Improved setup program.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2004-01-10

diff-ext 0.25 released

this is a feature realese of diff-ext. added setup program (very basic); updated installer script.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2003-12-25

diff-ext 0.20 released

It gets more and more usable ;)
added setup program to select diff tool and update registry. Also added installer.

Have fun

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2003-12-23

a new installer

Installer has been added to diff-ext!

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2003-12-20

First Release

The First version of the diff-ext is now avaliable for download.

Have fun.

Posted by Sergey Zorin 2003-12-18

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