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Version 0.2 released. Please Donate!

Release 0.2 has a reworked Python module interface to the _alpymodule.
I believe it to be much more 'pythonic'. There's a lot less code to write
just in order to make a simple example work. See the examples!

I've dropped in the Allegro library from the OpenLayer project. That one
seems to be a lot more reliable.

I'm using sources from the Python 2.5 beta 2 PSF release.

I've also rewritten some of the Allegro examples just to show that the
reworked interface works.... read more

Posted by The Eternal Squire 2006-07-27

Please donate!

While writing open source is a thrilling experience for me, I am unemployed and have a family to support. Please donate if you want to see improvements to this project.

The Eternal Squire

The Eternal

Posted by The Eternal Squire 2006-07-18