What all can this do?

  • sandeep

    sandeep - 2007-02-13


    I have used Diesel Test for testing a few static web pages; Most of which were fetched using GET on the intranet website at my office. It gives some basic metrics regarding the fetch time, CPU usage, Monitoring of User Etc, which is cool.

    I am not sure, if I can try this on a complex dynamic web page, running on internet, with my connection through a corporate proxy server, and the data is POST 'ed.

    Also I want to investigate the programming capabilities of this product.

    This would make it capable of doing some tricks of Load Runner.

    Sure I will let all of you know what's my success in that regard.


    • TSIM777

      TSIM777 - 2007-03-21

      Hi will You be able to help me with the below questions since you have used the tool.

      1)Is this tool intended for Testers? (Or just developers/System Admin’s)

      2) Could not find any documentation for this tool, is there any I can get hold of?

      3)   What protocols does this tool support?

      4)   What size is the user base? i.e how many clients use this tool in the market

      5)   Is the tool supported?

      6)   Is the tool being actively developed?

      7)   Any case studies showing this tool used in true working environments?

      8)   Does it use a scripting language?

      9)   Can it deal with dynamic data returned from the SUT?

      10)  Does it allow parameterization of input data?

      11)    Does it run on Linux & Solaris?

      12)    Does this support scenario creation/planning?

      13)    Real time viewing of results during test execution?

      14)    Scalable & fully programmable?

      15)    Monitoring components available?

    • Judit Raj

      Judit Raj - 2009-02-20

      Hi codeclaw,

      Happy to see that you have worked with this tool.
      i think only you can help all the dieseltest users query..

      I like this tool very much.
      But it is working only for www.google.com
      i tried with my testing site URL .
      But it is not opening the site itself.
      Is there any specific reason for not opening the site..


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