#129 Snooze like bedroom alarm clock


I'd like to use DiddleBug to wake me up from sleep.

In order of priority, I'd like to see the following enhancements to make this use case more practical:

1) Set Snooze time when setting up alarm.

2) Allow the user to specify that the alarm rings forever until the user acknowledges (Play # times = forever). This should be a per alarm setting if possible.

3) Allow infinite reminders (Remind Me = forever). This should be a per alarm setting if possible.

4) If the alarm ring expires before the user acknowledges the alarm, then automatically start the next snooze cycle (if snooze is on for that alarm). Make sure the alarm rings fully at the next alarm ring - currently it does a very short ring and is silent after that (Palm Centro - Garnet v5.4.9).

5) Allow the alarm to be dismissed OR snoozed when tapping screen. It would be best to make this a setting per alarm rather than global, but global would be acceptable if it's too hard to make it per alarm.

6) Continue making 2 taps necessary to dismiss an alarm that doesn't have a snooze set. If the alarm does have a snooze set, then allow then start the next snooze cycle when the user taps 1 time. Reason: 2 taps are not as good for snooze since a sleepy user may accidently only tap once. Alternative approach (more complex): Two taps to snooze, but let the snooze start if the user doesn't work with the device (keyboard or touchscreen) within 30 seconds of the first tap. Remember, there's no harm in automatically starting the snooze, but there is harm if the snooze is never started (oversleep).

7) Continue allowing the user to change the snooze time, but remember it for future snooze triggers for the current alarm sequence (repeating alarms should still use the snooze time the user entered in the alarm setup).


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